Next up – Self Esteem!

Most of us make it through the first two galleries in very good shape.  We are well cared for by our families, educated or given a set of skills, and we learn to get along with others.  We have a sense of who we are and where we belong.

However, once we have these things, we want more – it is only human.  The more that we want involves the next big step of self-esteem.  We want to feel good about ourselves and our accomplishments.  We want to feel appreciated, that we make a difference, and we even strive for prestige and the recognition of others.  This is all very normal and to be expected.  It is in this third gallery of the exposition that all of this happens, and in two phases.

The first phase involves distancing ourselves from others through schools, clubs, hobby groups, civic, cultural and religious organizations and our places of employment.  This phase generates flow beyond what the second gallery could deliver.  The flow from this first phase of self-esteem gives us a sense of appreciation and confidence.  But, we have not yet suffered any loss of reputation or finances.  And, we have not yet earned the prestige and recognition of others leading to high self-esteem.

Next post, I will provide some artistic examples supporting the theory.


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