Social Skills – Artists, Thinkers, Entrepreneurs

The last few posts have discussed the experiences of those who are sharing their life by being with others.  The painters, poets, composers, and choreographers have all expressed this shared feeling through their own artistic styles.

The psychologists and philosophers agree with the importance of this need being met.  Both agree that this is the second need that must be satisfied on the road to happiness (the first being warmth, food, shelter, education, safety).

One final point, academic research studies reveal that this is the second of several traits shared by successful entrepreneurs (the first being education/skills).  The studies show that good social skills are a necessity to be successful in starting a new business.  These skills are needed to convince others to provide funding, join the venture, and purchase the product/service.  It is best to harness this entrepreneurial trait that is within all of us to satisfy this need so that we can all move forward.

As I mention in my book, developing social skills is the main topic of the second gallery of the exposition.  This gallery is concerned with being involved with others.  By the way, the first gallery deals with preparing for the journey through life – the upbringing of a caring family, education, and safety provided by society.

Next up – Gallery Three.


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