An Honest Professor!

I read an article yesterday about a college professor who decided to be honest with himself and to come clean about his world as a baby-boomer academic.

The political science professor from Penn State posted his resignation letter online for all to view. Here are a few of his observations about his life and why he broke away from the pack of other non-retiring Baby Boomer professors:

1) Boomers who stay put in their jobs are blocking the progress of younger workers “struggling to ignite their own careers.”  True

2) Boomers who stay put in their jobs are “failing to use this stage of life to explore other opportunities.”  True

3) He wanted to quit while he was ahead as the old job was no longer his idea of having fun.  Understandable

4) His integrity was being compromised by staying put in academia and continuing to publish “garbage can models” at a bureaucratic institution with no transparency.  Understandable

5) His academic position “has kept him from doing things he might otherwise never do.” The most Important

6) He has begun to agree with the critics of academia who claim that professors are too focused on many trends that transient and irrelevant.  True

It is refreshing that this professor has become honest with himself and has jumped to a new life.  I hope that he can now do the things that he has always wanted to do.  I think that this professor, unlike to ones that he has left behind, will have a good shot at finding happiness that has eluded him so far.

It appears that college institutions are less than virtuous in may respects.  It also appears that this lack of virtue rubs off on the professors.  I can only assume that the lack of virtue by professors rubs off on the students.  And so on and so on.  Not a good chain for society at large.


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