What My Book is Not

My soon to be released (second week of September) book is not about –

A “biography” on the bravery of noted entrepreneurs who forged ahead with their visions, business models validated, creative disruptions accomplished, millions or even billions of dollars earned, and perhaps prestige and political power garnered.  Many excellent biographies have been written on hundreds of such successful entrepreneurs.

A “how to” guide on launching a new business.  Let me save you some time and money by giving you a quick summary of the steps, following a twelve point plan: 1) begin with an idea, 2) evaluate the receptivity for the idea, 3) evaluate the competition, 4) write a business plan, 5) locate partners, 6) form a legal entity, 7) finance only the startup phase, 8) rollout the product or service on a test basis, 9) if accepted by the initial users, execute the marketing plan, if not accepted, pivot to your Plan B, 10) alter the product/service or marketing effort, as needed, 11) find more financing, and 12) if successful, then harvest the business (i.e., sell the business, or pass it on to a younger generation of family members); or, if unsuccessful, start fresh with something new (this setback happens to the best of us).  There are many well-written manuals/textbooks on this topic.

A business founder’s “five-step” plan to fortune, fame, and power.  Again, let me save you some time and money.  These plans’ successes are based on just one step – make money, lots of money, with your new product or service.  After all, such an author would not be a noted expert on such a topic without this one step.  Who has ever heard of a book on achieving fortune, fame, and power written by an unsuccessful business founder? 

It is much more interesting and valuable than the above!

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