New Vehicle for the Road to Happiness – Part 5

In my previous two posts I discussed the traits that are needed by all of us as well travel the road of life towards happiness.  These traits are not impossible to obtain; in fact, research indicates that they are shared by most “successful entrepreneurs.”  I would like to summarize the means of traveling the road to happiness.

The first trait is a proper education or training.  This trait is needed to have a secure job or vocation to earn a living to pay for living expenses and to save for the future.  The second trait is a desire to be involved with others.  This trait is needed to get along with family, neighbors, and co-workers.  It leads to a further desire to take risks in order to differentiate ourselves from others to enhance our self-esteem.  The psychologists and philosophers support these two traits as necessary for human development.

The third trait is an orientation to the future rather than the present.  This orientation is based on a desire to not miss an opportunity today to have a future lived above expectations.  In other words, not “missing the boat.”  Research indicates that “successful entrepreneurs” are very concerned with not wanting to regret in the future opportunities missed in the present.

The fourth trait is a willingness to take action when the right opportunity comes along.  This desire to capitalize on new opportunities is not seen as any riskier than other opportunities: perhaps it is seen as a means to not “miss the boat” and forego any regrets in the future.  In essence, the opportunity may be viewed as very reasonable if seen through the glasses of the third trait of not “missing the boat.”

So, the vehicle for traveling the road requires education/training, social skills, an orientation to the future, and a willingness to take action when necessary.  The researchers support these traits, and they seem reasonable.  But, one final requirement is needed – the environment to take the action when the right opportunity comes along.  We all need to be in a vocation in which we can take action, if needed.  Having the four traits is necessary for traveling the road, but without the ability to put the traits to work, the road will be difficult to travel.

More to come.

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