New Vehicle for the Road to Happiness – Part 3

Night Watch painting by Rembrandt

Night Watch, Rembrandt, 1642

In my earlier post I mentioned that researchers are beginning to uncover the traits or practices that make “successful entrepreneurs” successful.

So what are these traits.  Two of them are rather obvious and shared by all vocations: education/training and social skills.  We all need education or training to be able to have a job that can support us and our families.

The same education and training allows each of us to interact with one another, especially in our jobs.  This interaction provides the social skills to get along in society, advance in our jobs or vocations, develop friendships, and have loving relationships with others.  As with other occupations, entrepreneurs need to understand their products or services in order to sell it to the public.  They also need to be able to interface with others in their sales effort.  They may also need to develop a team to finance the new endeavor, a team to create the product, and a team to manage the marketing and sales effort.

In many cases, unsuccessful entrepreneurs do not have the necessary education/skills to create or sell a product.  They just rush into a new venture and hope for the best.  Also, many don’t have the social skills to work with others in the delivery of the product or the purchase of the product; In many cases, they simply hide from the public and hope for the best.

Non-entrepreneurs may be well-educated/trained and have acceptable social skills.  In fact, if they didn’t have social skills they would not succeed in the corporate environment that they work for.  Some people believe that entrepreneurs are those that lack social skills to compete in a corporate world – nothing could be further from the truth.  Social skills are critical to the performance of entrepreneurs.  Each of us probably knows a small business owner that doesn’t like to interface with the public – they don’t last long.

The above painting by Rembrandt, which I discuss in my book, is a great visual representation of the first two traits.  The leaders are clearly well-educated/trained and successful in their vocation.  They have strong social skills in being able to form and lead a group of men to protect the citizens, and they enjoy one another’s company.  The two men also project self-esteem and pride in their accomplishments, and a sense of duty to society.

So, education/training and social skills are the basics needed for our journey, and they can take us a long way along the journey to happiness.  They can provide the much needed belongingness or social interactions that most of us crave, and they can enhance our self-esteem, that is part of the human condition.  We can feel good about ourselves and our accomplishments.

Next post, the other two traits.

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