New Vehicle for the Road Part 2

The great thinkers (both ancient and modern) and the great artists have presented the roadmap to happiness, verified by one another.

However, we all need the vehicle to travel the road.  And the vehicle should be as modern as possible, as comfortable as possible, and as fast as possible.  The good news is that such a vehicle exists.

The great thinkers and the great artists have shown us what we need to do, which I have broken down into six galleries of the exposition found in my book.  It wouldn’t be very helpful to anyone if the human activities that are needed to travel the road are too numerous, too rare, or too difficult for any one person to possess.  What good is it to see the road to the place that you want to get to but no means of getting there.  The road might look great but, if you can’t travel along the road, the roadmap provided by the thinkers and the artists is useless.

The good news is that the traits that are needed to travel the road are the same ones that researchers are now discovering in the world of business.

It just so happens that it is the “successful” entrepreneur who has the traits, or follows certain activities, that we all need to consider as the vehicle for traveling the road.  Successful entrepreneurs are the ones that the researchers are following, and it is the human traits or activities of this group of people that are the means to travel the road.  Also, you don’t need to be a visionary or a Steve Jobs to travel the road.  Anyone can do it!  All it takes is harnessing the entrepreneur within you!

More to come.

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