Why are Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs?

I have done a significant amount of research regarding the traits of entrepreneurs for my book.  Over the past several decades the academic researchers have determined that successful entrepreneurs shares certain behavior traits.  These traits are discussed in my book.

Photo of entrepreneur, Thomas Edison

What is amazing to me is that these researchers have determined the shared traits but don’t seem to answer the most basic of all questions regarding entrepreneurship: Why become an entrepreneur.  After all, if the stakes are so high regarding the financial risks, time spent, and impact on one’s self-esteem, you would think that this would be the fundamental question to answer.

In fact, I attended a launch of a new book on entrepreneurship and I asked the authors the same question.  Their answer was startling.  They said that they did not have the answer, but most likely the answer is that entrepreneurs do not fit into the corporate world and that is why they go off on their own.  Shocking answer!

What my research indicates is a very different reason and one that most people would wish they had if they knew the real reason.

4 thoughts on “Why are Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs?

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    1. oliver Post author

      I agree with you. In fact, I have been giving your comment a lot of thought. While researching for my book I came across statistics that show that most people do not come close to reaching happiness. The reasons are many. However, I realized in my research that those that do reach happiness, or come close, are ones that exhibit the same traits as those that academic researchers have determined are the traits of successful entrepreneurs. And, I also realized that the artists are representing in their works the same traits. Very interesting. Also, harnessing the entrepreneur within each of us can be in different degrees. You don’t necessarily need to start your own business to reach happiness.

    1. oliver Post author

      Thanks for the kind words. I have a lot of suggestions about the post that I made and I think that it might be best for me to mention them in the next few posts.

      Thanks for the suggestion and the comment.


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