Summary of Roadmap to Happiness

Summary of roadmap to happiness

In my two previous posts I mentioned that the roadmap to happiness is made up of both “prose” and “art.”  The “prose” is the ideas of modern thinkers and a few ancient philosophers.  The “art” is the works of the masters from the world of the fine arts.

So, the works of the thinkers, which I call “Prose” are those of 4 ancient philosophers and just three modern thinkers.  And the works of “Art” represent 78 masters of the Fine Arts of the past 500 years.  In all, we have 85 contributors for a great reading experience called the “Prose/Art” Exposition.

What is really cool about all of this is that the thinkers reinforce one another and the artists also reinforce one another.  In fact, the thinkers and the artists reinforce one another, which is very comforting.  If the thinkers disagreed as to the best roadmap to happiness, or the artists disagreed among themselves as to the best roadmap, or the thinkers and the artists disagreed, we would be in trouble.  But, they all say the same thing, just in different words, images, dance, or music.

We are getting there.

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