Roadmap to Happiness, Part II


In my last post I mentioned that the first part of the roadmap of happiness requires an understanding of the teachings of three modern thinkers and a few ancient philosophers.  These teachings are the “Prose” of this Prose/Art Exposition.  These are the ideas that have been curated and arranged into six galleries of the exposition to better explain the roadmap.

Not to be ignored, the great masters of the fine arts (the Painters, Poets, Composers, and Choreographers) also have a lot to say about reaching happiness.  They share with us their experiences using their own unique artistic styles to present their own roadmap as only the great masters can do.

This second part, the works of the great masters of the Fine Arts, not only is validation of the prose mentioned above, but inspiration to us all as we travel the road of life.  What is interesting is that the artists, in their own unique ways, are presenting the same objective roadmap and the same state of happiness.

Stay tuned.

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