The Beginning of the Road to Happiness


Philosophers, Happiness

My book, to be published shortly, is all about the road to happiness, which we are all looking for.

The book gives each of us three vantage points for reaching happiness: 1) intellectual ideas, theories, and research from great thinkers, laying out the roadmap for all of us to use, 2) works from the masters of the fine arts that validate the roadmap of the thinkers and inspire all of us forward in life, and 3) the vehicle within each of us that is needed to travel the road with the map in hand and inspiration by our side.

But where do you begin.  Well, the ancient philosophers (like Aristotle), four in particular, are a good starting point.  They teach us that those things most needed for happiness are: wealth, education/skills, good health, friendship, freedom from worry and anxiety, and virtue.  It is virtue that is most needed, but the others come in handy.

This all makes sense, but they really don’t give us much of a roadmap as to how to go about reaching this happiness. They give us the blue horizon, but not the road below that leads to the horizon.

More to come.


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