Fate of Today’s Entrepreneur

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Shakespeare knew the world of the entrepreneur very well (he knew of many worlds very well)!

These seven lines speak to the heart of the traits critical to successful entrepreneurship.  The traits implied in these lines include: alertness, preparation, courage, confidence, a desire to identify and capitalize on opportunities at the right time, and an orientation towards making decisions today so that life in the future will not be regretted (or regret living a life in the future that is below expectations).

There is an article that was just published in a major newspaper quoting statistics about the decline in the creation of new businesses.  The many reasons mentioned for the decline are tied to the current economy, aging population, and desire for less risk in an increasingly risky world.

I think that the real reasons for the decline are different and I talk about them in my soon to be published book.  I think that society has a large part to play in the decline.  I don’t think that would-be entrepreneurs are less educated or trained.  I don’t think they are less motivated.  But I do think they are misguided.

I think that society has been sending a signal for some time now that everyone should “live for the moment” and not worry about the future – the government will take care of everything.  Without an orientation towards the future and a desire to locate and capitalize on new opportunities, new enterprises will not be formed.  And perhaps more important, the journey to happiness of these would-be entrepreneurs will cease and the boring world of everyday existence will continue day after day after day.

I do have a solution and some much need encouragement and inspiration.  Stay tuned!

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