Wheat Field with Cypresses (Van Gogh, 1889)

Wheat Field with Cypresses (Van Gogh, 1889)

I am very excited to begin this blog and thanks for visiting!

This blog is all about finding happiness – but, it takes a very different approach than other blogs, and my book is very different from other books.

I believe the best way to travel along life’s road to happiness is to study both the world of “prose” (the world of ideas, theories, research) and the world of the “arts” (paintings, poetry, classical music, and ballet/dance).  When you put both of these worlds together in one place, you get a sudden realization that catches you off guard, but in a good way – a kind of “aha” moment.

I am convinced that the only way to do this is through a literary format that I created, the Prose/Art Exhibition.  This method merges the world of the great philosophers, psychologists, and classicists (“prose”) – the ones who have thought the most about happiness, with the world of the “arts.”  Equally, the great artists have thought about happiness and have expressed their ideas in their own artistic ways.

You can read books by the great thinkers and you can enter the fine arts world and visit museums, read poetry, listen to classical music, or watch ballet; but, to have the books and the art side by side, with each side explaining and validating the other side, well that is magical.

My book will be published shortly.  In the meantime, you can click on the musical and dance selections found in the six galleries located under Categories on the sidebar.  These selections will give you an idea of the classical music and ballet pieces that are part of the Prose/Art Exhibition found in the book.

Stay tuned for more to come!

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