What is the roadmap to happiness in this life, and can it be trusted?

What is the vehicle for traveling along the road, following the map?

If I reach happiness, what will it look like and how does society flourish?

You are very busy and you don’t have the time to stop and determine how best to answer the above questions.  Life is difficult and complex with many traps along the way.

We can help you answer the above questions and find your personal road to happiness.  This road begins with science and then turns to philosophy for the remainder of the road.  The road is illuminated with the works of great masters from the fine arts (visual art, music, poetry, and dance/ballet).

A vast amount of information has accumulated in our culture from the works of past generations: great art, myths, philosophy, and psychology.  To ignore this hard won information, and instead search for the meaning of life on our own, is futile.  Those who have been successful at reaching the end of the road to happiness are the ones who have extracted the information gleaned from the wisdom of previous generations.

This site revolves around this accumulated knowledge arranged into an exciting new device, the Prose/Art Exposition: a dynamic synthesis of the intellectual theories of human motivation from the world’s great myths, philosophy, and psychology, with inspiring validation by the works of great artists from the fine arts.  This is the roadmap to happiness, displayed in seven galleries, for everyone to view.

The Prose represents the well-known ideas of three modern thinkers and four ancient philosophers. The three modern thinkers, leaders in their respective fields of psychology and the classics, have published articles and books that have changed the way we view human development and our motivations to reach happiness.  Just as important, they are supported by teachings of four admired ancient philosophers.

The Art represents 90 well-known works of great artists, poets, composers, and choreographers from the past 500 years. They are displayed to translate the above-mentioned “prose” into human feelings, validate the experience, and inspire us to embrace the journey forward.

If we are to move forward towards happiness, the journey requires a reliable vehicle to follow the roadmap.  That vehicle is the gift of the entrepreneur within each of us.  For some of us this gift is difficult to keep under control; for others, it is buried deep inside and requires coaxing to bring it out. The philosophers, psychologists, classicists, and artists are all clear regarding the vital role of this gift: happiness can not be reached without it.

And, just as challenging as achieving individual happiness is the means for society to flourish. The road for the flourishing of society is the same road traveled by those in search of happiness. This is the great truth revealed with the help of great thinkers and artists: the flourishing of society can only happen with the happiness of the individual.

Do some or all of the following statements describe your current feelings?

1) I don’t like where I am in life and I need help.

2) I think that I am on the right road but I am not sure, and I can use some validation.

3) I have been searching for a roadmap to happiness, but I haven’t found one yet.

4) If I find the roadmap, I am not sure that I will be able to trust it.

5) Even if I trust the roadmap, I will need help from others to keep going.

6) I don’t know how best to travel the road to happiness.

7) I don’t know if I can trust others to guide me.

8) Trying to find happiness might be too hard or take too much time.

9) I am not sure if happiness even exists.

10) If I do reach happiness, I hope others around me will benefit, not just myself.

If the above statements speak to your current feelings about where you are going in life, we understand.  We have been there!  You are not alone!

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Enterprise Program for HR Department

We offer a 1) 90-minute, 2) media rich, 3) on-site, 4) motivational presentation for HR departments to offer their workers, encouraging them to visit this site.  It is not very often that a win-win-win, not just a win-win, proposal comes along that so clearly: 1) contributes to the emotional well-being of each member of an enterprise’s workforce, 2) enhances the productivity and financial health of that enterprise, and 3) contributes to the welfare of its community.

For more information on this Enterprise Program (including one page PDF summary) Click Here.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Armand

    Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after reading
    through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely delighted
    I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back often!

    1. oliver Post author

      Thanks for the comment and for visiting our site. I hope you come back often and please comment on anything that we post – whether good or bad!



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